"What you eat don't make me shit"
"One life to live - notice you get no sequel. So I truly have to live this like it's my last movie."

GLAMOUR: Exclusive scene from The Riot Club featuring Max Irons

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Tom Hardy in the studio for The Drop. #tiff14 (at TIFF Bell Lightbox)

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wat the fuck do snoop be doin??


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Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

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color meme: mysteryofthings requested al capone + #18: the color i associate with this character (red)

send me a character/ship/show + a palette!

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Doutzen Kroes by Annie Leibovitz in ‘Iron Maiden’ Vogue Magazine April 2009

Just looking at that goal can give you a physical arousal —Commentator lays down the truth after Ronaldo scored (via nikolai-fraiture)
when he plays don’t say who score but say how many did he scored —my commentator about Ronaldo  (via los-blankos-10)

Emily DiDonato for Elle Italia, october 2014.

M Fassbender & J McAvoy